Liam Neeson in TakenYou don't know who we are. (Let us show you) You don't know what we want. (Let us tell you) We're not looking to take all your money. But, what we do want is someone with a particular set of skills. Skills you have developed and continue to work on. Skills that make life easier for our customers. If you apply to join us now, you will hear from us in the near future. If you don't we will look for you, we will find you and we will kill you. No, we will headhunt you. ...Okay, maybe I just watched Taken the night before writing this. But still...

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Military/Emergency Discount

forcesdiscountFirstly, a warm welcome to our new website. If you spot any errors, please do not hesitate to contact us and shout abuse for not properly checking everything.

We all firmly believe at Get-Wired that anyone who has served our country, either by fighting on the front line of a war on foreign soil, emergency response teams on the ground at home or whatever it is you do best.. We want to try and show our respect for the hard work you are either currently or previously doing/done by offering a discount off all of our services. The discount will vary depending on service but if you let our guys know before we give you the quote then we can work it in...

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Computer Agent

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Our Agents

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